A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2014.”

Charlie: Never ever stops playing Lego
Rufus: ditto
My two are increasingly becoming the same person.  With a piece of Lego or two in their hands.  Pyjama clad, playing in the morning sunlight.  Lego Game – Battle of the Hoth, is a firm favourite at the the moment. Leaping out of bed on a Sunday morning for a game before breakfast.

Joining in with Jodi.

  • Sunday mornings are made for extended LEGO battles! Lucas is rarely without a minifig or two. Gorgeous pictures–you had such amazing light!

  • Linked over from the 52 project…these photos are stunning. Love how warm & crisp these photos are.

  • The light (and your boys) in these photos are beautiful Lou! x

  • I agree with Samantha above on the nostalgic feel and look of these photos! I love how they capture the boys doing what they love, unposed! Handsome boys :)

  • Gorgeous photos of your handsome boys! I just had my first boy, and I’m sure he’ll be into Legos when he’s older, too.

  • I love how nostalgic these photos look. They remind me of my Lego days (which wasn’t that long ago to be honest)

  • I know that Rob cannot wait until Theo reaches the age where he can sit and play lego for hours on end! Love their concentrated faces!

  • Ditto here too. :) My boys are loving their Legos lately. They build planes and then race around the house with them. And then build bases for their planes to live.

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