For those of you who follow me on Instagram would have seen my posts about my lounge shelves. I was bored of them, so I posed the questions: Do I paint them? Replace them?  Or leave as is.
Many comments went back and forth, some suggesting a bold change in painting the wood in turquoise or yellow.  Which sound great in theory but I knew I would tire of such brightness very quickly.  Dan was encouraging me to leave them alone (purely because the thought of DIY made him want to do a runner!).
So a couple of Saturday’s past, I set to changing them.  Much to Dan’s pleasure the wooden shelves remained.  I scoured the rest of the house for new additions.  Grouping all the boys school & nursery photos on the top shelf.  Plants were found.  Ceramics (you know my love of ceramics) placed in pride of place.  Books moved to another corner.  Nature treasures from trips abroad and walks in the woods.  And finally I moved my cane chair down from the bedroom.  
The cane chair has been with me a very long time.  It was a birthday present from my parents on my 13th birthday!  Yep original 80’s and so gorgeous.  Even back then in my early teen years I loved interiors.  Styling my bedroom, choosing paint, linens and a theme.  It’s funny how things never change, nearly 30 years on!
So to me, this little corner is looking a little better. There is still so much to do.  I’d love a kilim or persian rug for the floor.  A decent log basket (Edit: my lovely neighbour, Bea, kindly gifted me her old cane one).  A side table next to the chair.  And that is just what you can see.  I’d like a lamp, a new sofa, and a large Kevin Russ print above it.  Ah one day!
So what do you think?  You can have a look at the before picture here.  The best thing about this little makeover is, that it didn’t cost me a single penny!

  • Making little changes to something can really make a big impact. And love when they are free!

  • Love that chair! There is a kilim shop here in Frome if you guys fancy a day trip ;)

  • I always think that a re-arrange of things works wonders. I’m itching to do a room change here.

    Leanne xx

  • A lovely corner Lou, that photo looks as though it belongs in a magazine. I have a very similar cane chair I received as a gift when I was 18. It’s still going strong – I am just trying to see if I can fit it in my new sewing room now. Have a great day.

  • It’s looking well thought out full of lovely homely things Lou , you have a natural talent x

  • It’s really lovely Lou, it’s surprising what energy a change around creates. And plants always look great I think. And I love seeing the natural wood colour. Really well done.

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