Today we are back to a ‘normal’ routine.  The boys returned to school, Dan to work, and I? Well I tried not to fall asleep on the sofa (ahem!).

January is a time for taking life easy, moving slowly through the days, ensuring we are all well fed, eating foods that will sustain us and give us the best nutrients, sleeping enough and not getting illnesses.

Today I started my two weeks of detox, starting to Nourish my body with good foods.  Plenty of leafy green vegetables, proteins, herbal teas and lots of water.  The process in theory is easy, filling my body with goodness which will in turn make me feel great, loose some weight and feel fit and strong.  But today, Day 1, I am having constant sugar cravings, and have a headache from lack of caffeine, and all I want to do is make Marmite on Toast – I am sure I will get over it!

I am going to look forward and enjoy this process, relish the time to think about myself, recipes to try, vegetables to buy in the green grocers, and walks in the park.  I am hoping to find a yoga class, to stretch some and breathe deep.  Or just to have a little afternoon nap.

I am going to spend the next few days not getting worked up over the school run, start some exciting design projects and dream about summer.

Happy January…..

  • im doing the whole30 and am on day 5, i have to say I feel fantastic already! i love the potential of a new year don’t you? xxx

  • I just can’t ever bring myself to do a detox. It probably would be good to cut some of the sugar out of my system (though most of it is from maple syrup and honey). Since it is -10 F here this morning, I will be drinking lots of tea anyway! Can you have smoothies? That would be a way to get something sweet without added sugar.

  • Good luck with the detox, Lou! I’m after a yoga class too – following a DVD doesn’t do it for me. Drink plenty of herbal tea too. Clipper do a nice berry one (in a purple box) which actually tastes of something. And maybe treat yourself to a nice cup or mug to drink it from. Can never have too many of those!
    Sarah x

  • This sounds perfect! I’m not worrying too much about the caffeine intake but I’m limiting myself to one then balancing the rest of he day with green tea or lemon water. I’m also eating a green salad of some type every day starting tomorrow. Healthy happy lives all round x

  • I did a three week detox last year which sounds very much the same as yours…don’t worry, you will get past the cravings and the headaches (all I wanted at the beginning of mine was BBQ ribs!) Happy January to you! xxx

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