This weekend…

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Well, that wasn’t so bad.  The dreaded first week back to normality after the Christmas fun and games.  Really it wasn’t.  I hope it was good for you all?
This week I have been drinking endless cups of detox tea, sorting the house out after the decorations came down, enjoying the sunshine, lunch with friends and using the time to exercise and look after myself.  It has been lovely.  I am thinking of starting running again, I’ve long felt the urge to go off for a run on my own.  Perhaps this is the right time.  I’ve got the gear, I just need to go!!  Do you run? Did you use an app to help?
This weekend we are still continuing with bathroom / landing renovation.  Slow going.  Hopefully the skirting boards will be on, and the strips of wood to seal the floor boards will be in and we can crack on with some sanding and painting.  Fingers crossed!
So this weekend we/I are doing:
* Baking loaf number 2 in our #52loavesproject. I am so thrilled so many of you are taking up our challenge.  I am loving seeing all the twitter and IG pics.  Hurrah!  Let’s keep going.  This week it’s Rufus’ turn.  We are doing another simple white cob, trying to perfect that one first.
* Marmalade making.  I bought some Seville oranges yesterday.  Yum!
* Helping Dan with the bathroom
* Bike ride in the woods
* Go for a run (don’t hold me to this, I hope I will)
* Family time…
Have a lovely weekend all!
And do join us in baking a loaf.  Don’t forget to use the #52loavesproject so we can find you!
  • How fab is that loaf, Lou! I can’t say I will make 52 (or even 10!), but I vow to make my first loaf of bread this year. x

  • I run so that I can eat! I love my baked goods too much and would be 20 pounds heavier if my husband and I didn’t run on a regular basis. We ran a 1/2 marathon in early December and have been taking it easy since then and I am feeling the the itch to get out. We run “all natural” – no music, no podcasts, just what we hear in nature. Since we run with a jogging strolling on the roads, it is much safer, but pre-baby when we were trail runners, we just think it sort of goes against why you are running in the woods if you have to “plug in and tune out”. My husband tracks our runs with “RunKeeper” on his cell. Works well for us. Just remember “One foot in front of another” – it doesn’t matter how fast you are doing, just do it. A friend of ours who coaches track told me that once when I was saying that I could never run 13 miles. I think about that often.

  • Sounds like great plans. Enjoy your marmalade making. I always look forward to doing it on a dark weekend in January! x

  • Your bread looks lovely! I am revising for an exam next Monday and then we go away for a few days to recover. A big part of me is just looking forward to finally getting home and feeling like I can begin all those January activities that I so enjoy, cleaning, decluttering and generally starting afresh (and drinking lots of detox tea) feeling very frustrated by all of these wonderful projects that I already feel I’ve missed out on by not being available to join in! Lovely post, thank you.

  • I’ll go for a run… if you will!. Have a lovely weekend: :)

  • I’ve never run and scared stiff of it but going to give it a go. My other half and his very big mate are running the London Marathon in April. I’ve got no excuses left! Have downloaded The Guardian’s running blog podcasts to try. Here the NHS 0 to 5k ones are very good. Can’t imagine getting that far! Enjoy your run if you decide to x

  • Hmm, just realised I may have completely contradicted myself by saying ‘gluten free wheat loaf’. Haha! You know what I mean! x

  • I wish I could join 52 loaves but I’m trying to reduce my bread intake. Although, if I make a gluten free wheat loaf, that’s gotta be ok right? Have a lovely weekend Lou x

  • Oh this is good timing as we have been discussing making bread again. I saw a recipe for a cheesy chilli loaf that I fancy having a go at. Have a great weekend. Sam x

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