choosing a focused life..

In a whirlwind of blue we were out the door, walking the walk back to school. And as I said my hellos to fellow mums and goodbyes to my sons in the playground, I breathed out.
Don’t get me wrong, I love, adore having my boys with me during the holidays, but as a freelancing mum I find working during this time hard.  After having a stressful summer break last year, trying to juggle work deadlines and child entertainment, I took the decision to leave most of my work to term time as much as possible.  A difficult decision as money is always tight.
So now here I sit, with a ‘to do’ list as long as my arm.  Many emails to write, research to be read, a header to be designed… I relish the quiet.  Time to reflect on my blog, and where I am taking it forward.  Yes, Winter is behind me and with Spring brings the promise of exciting projects, collaborations and adventures.  
It’s good to look forward, isn’t it?  What are you looking forward to?
  • I am looking forward to running in the mornings again. This has been a long winter rest, which I have enjoyed, but which doesn’t make me feel to good about my personal image. And it is amazing what a good long run will do for your mental attitude. For me, it makes the rest of the day easier to handle, when I know I already have several miles under my soles.

  • I’m wondering if I have the will to do ‘my own thing’ (whatever that is) from home rather than go back into an office job… it’s really hard when your home is also your workplace. I grew up with parents who worked from home and so I used to really appreciate my working life but now with children I can’t seem to work out where the balance lies.

  • I hear you Lou, it’s tricky working from home and juggling kids. I had to make several important work calls in my office last week with a heavy baseline tearing through the house as both my teenage boys had their music booming. In the end I said, sorry I work from home – you still ok to carry on phone call? The lady on the other end fessed up and explained she was also in the same situation! We are all in this together. Elinor x

  • Beautiful photo. Looking forward is definitely best – the promise of so much. I’m looking forward to making more, writing more , and perhaps even running more as those longer days start to return… (we’ll see!) x

  • I’m looking forward to having time for thebgym, spring coming, finishing.uni.assignment and trying to etsy shop a success whilst entertaining and keeping my boys happy and healthy. Gorgeous photos.

  • beautiful photo and words ;) I;m so looking forward to spring and more outdoors time

  • I too am trying to get up earlier. A gentle start to the day rather than dealing with a toddler immediately upon waking. Looking forward to evolving my blog, a trip to Scotland and a wedding next month, and longer, warmer days.
    Sarah x

  • Lovely pic, I have started getting up at 6/6.30 to get some precious hours on my own for work. Juggling is so difficult. I think 2014 is going to be a good year for us all x

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