half term..

This week it is half term.  I love hanging out with my boys.  Pyjama clad mornings, then scooting around our neighbourhood.  These holidays we are keeping the energy high but the cost low.  Trying to think of ways to keep them entertained without spending a small fortune.
We have been to the Central Library here in Bristol to see the Book Hive, take out reading books and DVD’s to watch on rainy days.  The Book Hive is beautiful, almost Harry Potter like.  Celebrating the libararies 400th birthday, books open and close like butterfly wings at the slightest movement.  The sounds is soothing and breathtaking.
We have been on long scoots around our neighbourhood, finding different routes to places, spotting street art and wildlife along the way.
Yesterday we visited friends and ran around their stunning new home.  The boys ran and played wild games in the many rooms, whilst I chatted about paint colours, tiles and furniture – the best kind of conversation in my book!  
Later that day we visited Bristol Zoo with the boys cousins and Charlie took the death defying Zooropia challenge.  I don’t think I breathed during the entire time he was up there.  Never again!
So… for the rest of our week are going on bike rides, walks in the woods, visiting National Trust properties.  Watching the Lego Movie, Guitar lessons, birthday parties and then preparing ourselves for the routine of back to school.
So how has Half Term been for you?
Image above was taken on my phone.
  • Your very own Spiderboy … I wouldn’t have been able to breathe either … The Book Hive looks magical … Bee xx

  • Ah, the holidays are never long enough. School is SO annoying getting in the way of all the fun. The photo is fantastic.

  • Ah when half term meant days of adventure and not “how much uni work can i cram into this week?!”. Thank you for taking me back :) Enjoy the rest of it! I hope plan on having a picnic in the woods x

  • I always think half term should be low cost hanging out. I love pj mornings and exploring our local area. We found a wonderful walk in Hayle, and a coffee shop that was totally reasonable!!

    Leanne xx

  • IN a word – revision! Supporting my son prepare for his mocks next week, ready for GCSEs in the Summer. It’s a good job the weather hasn’t been great, otherwise I’d have felt cheated!
    Your half term looks more fun. x

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