Love is…

Flowers via Ruby & the Wolf
Love, love, love – love is all you need.  Yes the Beatles knew the answer.  And as I get older I realise these words are true. Yes money helps, but without the love of your love… it can be a pretty lonely life.
Years before I met Dan, like most others I spent my singledom in search of ‘the one’ – until a guru (he shall remain nameless) told me these wise words:

Be with someone who you love to talk with
Be with someone who allows you to grow
Be with someone who holds your hand
Be with someone who likes to kiss
Be with someone who appreciates art
Be with someone who adores you
So the 20 something me, who had just come out of a quite terrible relationship, took these words and waited and waited. Til one day…. 
Love you x
Oh and these flowers are nice! :)

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