the next big thing…

Image via Leila Jefferys

What!  Yep, I predict that parrots are the next big thing.  Well for me it is.  Ha ha.

I love this image.  I want it on the wall at the top of our stairs.  I love the pop of pink, his expression – everything!

image via Poppytalk
I saw Mr Parrots friend in this image above and loved how the pink shone out in the neutral space and with the vase of flowers in front gives it a rather tropical feel.  There are lots more images of parrots over on Leila Jefferys gallery – Rufus is rather in love with this one (but as a pet, not as a print). hmm I’ll stick to photographs I think!

There is a huge trend for animal portraits at the moment.  Jo has a bison over her bed, it looks so good. As does this lion for a kids bedroom.

Both are by photographer Sharon Montrose and can be found in her shop The Animal Print Shop. All the animals which Sharon shoots have been raised and rescued by loving and experienced animal keepers.  Sharon photographs them where they live and are photo shopped onto the backdrop.  Through the series of photographs she helps support organisations devoted to animal rescue and nurturing wildlife.

Last night the boys and I spent hours choosing the perfect animal print for the home. We still keep going back to this cutie.

What would you choose?  Are animal portraits your thing?
  • Well, as long as these animals are treated properly and not posed for these pictures, then they are awesome! Checked out the site and love the furry donkey ears and the cow head shot. Seeing the porcupine is really cool, because you do no normally get to encounter them up close, though my husband and I were lucky enough to see a baby one in Maine this year. I have a lot of animal inspired art.

  • Hey Lou, Leila is a very dear friend of mine! We have a “jimmy” from her first series of budgies hanging in our place, but Shane is desperate to get his hands on a cockatoo as well! Kellie xx

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