this weekend…

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This week flew by!  I really was expecting it to drag, being the first week back after half term. But gladly the sun has shone, lifting spirits and allowing me to forge ahead with projects.  Today is the last day of February!  HOORAY!  I am glad you are gone for another year.  Spring is just around the corner, the light is brighter, the air is thin and the birds are singing again.

This weekend we are planning some more DIY.  February ‘got’ Dan and I in a bad way.  No spark of creativity could be found. The tools of renovating the bathroom are still lying on the landing floor, been there since mid Jan.  Neither of us could bring ourselves to finish the job.  So tomorrow, we are back, with gusto!

This weekend we shall be…

* making a sour dough loaf for the #52loavesproject (will you join us in baking some bread?)
* painting the landing floor in a darkish grey colour
* Listening to this – it’s on repeat at the moment
* exercise! Yep get back on that fitness horse.
* On Sunday we are all off to Frome for the Super Market – it’s the first of 2014 and set to be awesome.

So what are you up to?
Have a lovely weekend.

  • Ah painting things grey… totally missing doing that! Now listening to Grimes too :)

  • I told myself that we were going to start running again on March 1 – well now we are visiting at my parent’s home, so no run this morning. Plus, it is still too darn cold and we are supposed to get 1-2 feet of snow on Sunday night. Winter’s not done here yet, so I guess I still need the extra insulation to keep warm!

  • Sounds like a lovely weekend, Lou! I was going to spend the weekend helping construct Lucas’s new bed but IKEA didn’t have any beds to sell us! We are instead taking our cameras out for a little walk so that Lucas can try taking a picture for a kids photography competition, and then on Sunday I’ve got the first choir meeting for our WI. Very exciting! But singing for four hours may be a bit rough on my throat!

  • Yip February sucks and I’ve not been motivated to do anything either. I’m super glad it’s behind us. Sunny days ahead hopefully. And I love the sound of dark grey floors. X

  • Sounds like a great weekend Lou. I think February saps everyone’s creative energy, but spring will bring it back I am sure. Hope you have a good weekend.

  • Very lovely mantle, simple and beautiful! Good luck with the DIY, it’ll feel so good when you can put the paintbrush down i triumph! :) x

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