I have long harboured a dream of running my own little shop.  A place where I am surrounded with lovely things, indulge my inner stylist and chat to customers.
In my head it would look like this.  Wobbly ceramics, plants, wooden kitchen ware, textiles, independent magazines, jewellery.  A lifestyle store.  Watch this space – I will have one!
This shop belongs to my new found ‘friend’ (not really, but I shall carry on stalking her!) Hannah Henderson.  Hannanh and her family were recently featured in the lastest Kinfolk magazine, the Home edition.  Here’s a little video on them… I fell in love.
Ok, so I want her shop, house, clothes, lifestyle…. yeah… california dreaming.
All images via Refinery29
  • I would own the shop next door and bring you cups of tea. We would sip them leaning against our common wall outside and smile at the regulars passing by. x

  • Wonderful. I’m a modern hippy too (or at least that’s what people say of me) and that is why I decided to live where I live and i opened my own shop. Everything in this video looks stunning, an incredible home, cute kids, gorgeous couple. How could you not want to be her?

  • It’s wonderful to have a dream. I do hope that yours come true. That shop looks fantastic, so inspirational.

  • Gosh. Those pictures are stunning and she is so effortlessly cool. I hope you fulfil your dream…then I can come and visit it. Truly beautiful! x

  • oh this is definitely a one day far away dream for me too, though I imagine in reality it would definitely be really tough!

  • Hey Lou,

    I harbour a similar dream. I would imagine the reality is hard graft and open all hours. I’d love to make a living out of upcycling furniture. It’s getting closer to a reality….keep dreaming Lou. It will happen. xx

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