Freunde von Freunden & Esprit collaboration…

Freunde von Freunden to me is a daily read. I devour the interviews and home tours of designers, artists, stylists, foodies and musicians from all over the world.  The photography is always inspiring and many times I’ve called Dan over saying ‘This, I want my house to look like this…’
Recently FvF have teamed up with clothing brand Esprit and cleverly written a series of lifestyle interviews/shoots with a few inspiring European women.  Great photography highlighting their lovely homes and interesting cities.  Also discretely tagging links to Esprit, and the clothing they are wearing.  LOVE!
So far there has been Danielle in Paris, Mimmi in Stockholm and Mael in Antwerp.  For more images on the clothes they are wearing head over to Esprit.
Esprit has never been on my shopping radar before. But now seeing these stylish women dressed in the clothes, I am all over it!  I need that parker jacket! Get in my wardrobe!

All images via FvF and Esprit.

  • i don’t think I’ve ever purchased anything from esprit before! I always think of it being the sort of thing you see languishing on the clearance rail in tkmaxx! I’ve just been on their website though and somehow ended up buying a jersey blazer and some jeans from the sale page – ooops!

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