How do you sleep?

Image via Cup of Jo
Our bedroom is in the attic.  Low ceilings, required a low bed.  We bought a cheap one from Ikea years ago, when we vacated the master bedroom and gave it to our growing sons.  The bed is ok. Does what it needs to do. But it is without a headboard.
I know there is a huge trend at the moment for no headboards.  Masses of messy pillows and cushions adorn unmade beds in photo shoots. BUT I love Jo’s bed.  I love the pillows all neatly stacked against that big mustard coloured squishy headboard.  I can imagine sitting there reading a book, with a glass of wine next to me.  Or curled up with the kids reading Harry Potter.  It’s a grown up bed and I want to be grown up!
Yes, I want that bed.  Headboard, lights, pillows, bison… et al.
How about you, do you have a headboard?

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  • We don’t have a headboard, but I do have neat pillows! Our rooms are quite small, and I like the way being without a headboard makes them look bigger, but that mustard one is dreamy!

  • Our’s has a headboard but because it is a rental it has a ill-fitting slipcover in an awkward blue colour with a velvet like texture. I really need to do something with it.

  • Headboard! Great for reading……mainly blogs, its amazing that in blog land you actually recognise someone’s bed!!! Well, I just did……:-) xx

  • Yep all those pillows look great but where do they go at night? Surely not room for them and you in the bed!

  • We do have a headboard and it was something I wanted for a long time. We bought ourselves a nice maple wood bedframe with headboard for our tenth wedding anniversary.

  • I have an Ercol bed with a wooden spoke headboard – the first headboard i’ve had, I was worried to lean against it too hard at first because the wood is slightly bendy, but now I do think it looks so smart! I love those mix of patterns on the cushions, I spotted this on Pinterest straight away! Hope you have a great weekend!

  • I’m with you, loving a grown up bed. I had an old cane bedhead that i turned upside down so i could hang bangles and necklaces off the legs, but it wasn’t fastened to the wall so every time i moved it would bang and the bangles would rattle! shenanigans or no shenanigans, it was noisy, and it drove hubby mad. but that soft plush mustard one is amazing x

  • When we lived in Germany our bedroom in the attic and we too had to have a low bed. We spent a tidy sum on rather grand designer bed which we gave to one of our sons when moved back to the UK (new bedroom small but with ensuite) So our new bed is ridiculously high and yet to find a headboard that I like and can afford. There are screamingly expensive! I often think about making one but thinking is as far as I go! Elinor x

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