Just So Festival 2014…

Last summer was our first time to Just So Festival.  Driving up to Cheshire, discussing what it would be like, neither of us actually knowing quite what to expect.  Arriving on site we were instantly transported into an amazing world of magical adventure.  A whirlwind or gasps, triumphs, crazy dancing and fairy dust.  It was the best weekend we could wish for.

Last week, Just So announced the festival line up for this Summer.  The boys and I have been pouring over the website, excitedly discovering all the wondrous things that we can dive into whilst there.  Here are some of the highlights we are eagerly looking forward to seeing…

Something To Hold 2013 from Pif-Paf on Vimeo.

Last year we fell in love with the ‘The Fly Cycle’ by Pif-Paf theatre.  The boys changed in suitable costumes and boarded the amazing flying machine.  This year the team are back with ‘Something to Hold’.  It looks spectacular and I personally cannot wait to see it.

‘An Astronomer searches the sky for a power and beauty that won’t be held. Two stars are drawn in and the tale of all of their rides to a new life unfolds in a non-stop feast of movement, aerial, and a unique design vision. 

Pif-Paf is an groundbreaking theatre company creating high quality performance and sculpture and taking it to the places it doesn’t normally reach. Their work is presented outdoors and in non-traditional spaces and they are keenly involved in the development of the perception and possibilities of outdoor theatre.’

Image via Just So Festival

There is something magical and a little eerie wandering a festival at night.  Places you might have played earlier all closed for the night. The sound of distant music wafting across the fields, muffled in the evening dusk.  Instead of heading back to the tent we shall be making our way down to the High Seas area to see this…

Shadow Play – Walk the Plank

“When the Piper is heard calling ‘harness music with dance’, come travel to Arcadia, lost in a trance, from day into night and night into day, a glorious celebration where shadows play…” Shadowplay verse, Hannelora Johnasson and Simon Williams.

Come down to the High Seas as dusk falls. Follow the pathways made of fire and find something quite amazing. Shadowplay is an atmospheric, interactive, kinetic sculpture which projects the journey of silhouetted characters – including musicians and revellers – as a mysterious figure leads them through a medieval town and into the Arcadian domain of nature.

Image via Just So Festival

My two have always wanted to run away with the Circus, ever since our first trip to see Giffords Circus a few years back.  Charlie is really hoping to learn to juggle and walking the tightrope is high on both their list of must do’s.

Circus Workshop

‘Roll up, roll up, to learn all the skills you’d need to run away with the circus. We’re delighted to be welcoming the Circus House to Just So Festival 2014. From acrobatics to juggling, trapeze to tightrope. You’ll be flying through the air with the greatest of ease in no time.’

I loved watching Bugsy Malone as a child, and I am sure the boys will love it just as much too.  Custard pie guns – what’s not to love!

Silver Screen
‘As dusk falls, the living room stage will transform into a quite marvellous outdoor cinema, with added thrills and spills. We’ll be showing Bugsy Malone on Friday night, with custard pies and splurge guns aplenty, a whole load of mess is guaranteed. On Sunday night, head here and sing your heart out to Grease, with 50s dancers to get our heads in a spin.’

Image via Just So Festival

Lantern Making Workshop & Parade
Come and create your own beautiful lantern from willow and paper, all ready to be lit with a candle on the magical festival lantern parade’.

Guaranteed to bring tears to the eyes of festival directors, collect your lanterns and light up the woods as you wind through the trees of Rode, led by some marvellous marching bands.’

We also are looking forward to…

Pirate training Camp
Pillow Fight
Sherlock deduction workshop
Butterfly identification
Astronomy workshop

and of course the final Wild Rumpus parade – we still can’t decide which animal we shall be.  (secretly wishing for Foxes).

There really is something for everyone.  Dan and I are looking forward to the chance to be children again, with our children.  To laugh and become giddy on silliness.

If this has tickled your fancy, you can buy your family tickets over here.

Just So Festival is on 15th – 17th August 2014.  Rode Hall Parkland, Cheshire.

See you in August!

  • Gah, another year we’ll have to miss it – we go on holiday on the 18th. It looks incredible, can’t wait to see your photos.

  • It looks and sounds so wonderful, Lou! Wish we could go, but it’s just after we come back from holiday and I can’t see any of us being thrilled to hop back into the car again.

  • The UK seems to have the market on festivals like this. I had never heard of so many quirky and unique festivals geared towards families until I started reading The Green Parent magazine. Pretty cool!

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