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Around this time last year, I wrote this post.  Sharing my frustration when it comes to the change in climate and season.  Bored of jeans and trainers.  Fed up with navy jumpers – it’s all I live in!  I need something that will take me from winter to spring and is comfortable, stylish and I can wear up the allotment!! (It’s where we are spending our weekends at the moment).

First of all I’d like to get things clear.  These past couple of warmish weekends have taken me by surprise.  My legs & feet are no way ready to make a public appearance, a good wax, pedicure and buff is in order.  So with this in mind I am after loose, comfy trousers (without wishing to sound like an old lady).

Here is my solution, above.  The Madewell overalls.  OR any dungarees.

Perfect right?

So this will do me for a bit.  A pair of these, with these sandals and breton top and I’m good to go.

Now what about the rest of the week?  Any suggestions?

Some other things I am craving for this Spring/Summer.

* Varca Sandals
* African print dress or top (I am all over african print at the moment)
* This tunic (loving the bohemian vibe)
* These trainers
* This necklace
* This bag

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  • I have a very old pair of Gap dungerees which make an appearance every now and then. I love them for pottering. And I have about a hundred different bretons. I have put on my flip flopos for the first time this year. Big mistake. It’s still too cold, especially walking the dogs on the beach. But I now can’t face boots and socks.
    Oh I’ve also become rather fond of my husband’s overalls..

    Leanne xx

  • I hear you. I can’t wait to find the perfect transitional wardrobe taking me effortlessly from winter to spring. I’m a skirt and heels kind of girl but I’ve been languishing in leggings and boots for ages with not a thought to how I really look. Liking the sound of dungarees and/or overalls. Elinor x

  • I’d forgotten about dungarees… that look works!
    I’m kinda loving some of Boden’s offerings this spring – which is nicely surprising, just wish I had the budget! x.

  • Love it ~
    that attire would be perfect here at the farm.
    Sans the sandals and adding a jacket as we are still freezing our toes off here !

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