The first day of Spring – Primavera Crowns…

Today marks the first day of Spring or the Vernal Equinox.  The sun is shining and my laundry is blowing wildly in the wind.  A perfectly handsome Spring Day.
To mark the first day of Spring I have joined in with Bethan and Michelle to create Primavera Crowns.  I used blossom foraged, primroses, grape hyacinths and honeysuckle fronds from the garden.  And the pinkest tulips from the high street.  Using a piece of horticultural wire, I wove the stems in to create the crown.
The effect is lovely.  The pink tulips really pop against the blue wall, don’t they?  Thanks Dan for coming to my aide and photographing me this lunch time.  Not very good at selfies!  And feel uber uncomfortable appearing on the blog too! 
eeeek!  Er hello!
If you would like to join in with link up, just IG or tweet your image wearing your crown with #primaveracrowns.  What a lovely way to celebrate Spring time.  And here is where my crown shall stay, until the flowers droop…

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