Treasured possessions…

I have many treasured possessions.  Just on that shelf alone there are books from when I was a child passed down to me by family, my matryoshka dolls which I had for my 8th birthday, a fir cone from the New Forest holiday a few years ago, the Buddha from travelling in South East Asia… and so on.
But the most treasured possession there has to be my iron & resin sculpture by Carol Peace.  For years I swooned over Carol’s work.  It was love at first sight at the open studios at Spike Island.  A huge female form in a yoga pose stood outside Carol’s studio.  That was it… in love!
Years later, seeing her work develop I longed to own a small piece of hers.  Back in 2006 our oldest son Charlie was born. Later that year at Christmas, Dan gave me a small but heavy box to open.  Inside was this beautiful sculpture of Carol’s.
My heart burst.  I cried big love tears.  He said we might not be married, but this is how he feels about us. I couldn’t wish for more. So there it is, other than my family, my kids scribbles and masterpieces… this beautiful sculpture is my most treasured possession.
John Lewis Insurance is currently hosting a fabulous competition to win £500 of John Lewis vouchers (I want them so badly!).  All you need to do to enter is to submit an image of your treasured possession or family heirloom, and then in six words describe why it matters to you. (obviously I can’t write six words, might have to have a re-think!).  Just enter the competition over here.
Best get your skates on as the competition closes on the 25th March.  Just think £500 of John Lewis Vouchers… what would you buy?

This post was written in association with John Lewis Association.  All words and images are my own.

  • that is such a wonderful piece of sculpture and an incredible gift with a lovely sentiment behind it. Thank you for sharing.

  • Beautiful. I had “big love tears” brimming just reading your post, what a heartfelt gift. A real treasure. x

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