April has arrived like a shiny button. Gleaming and glowing in the watery sunshine.  We are planning big things here.. talking lots, adventures, collaborations, exciting times.

Yesterday, Dan and I took the #52loavesproject to Gloucestershire, to the home of bread making – Hobbs House Bakery.  Tom Herbert kindly shared the tricks of his wonderful trade with us and fellow #52loavesproject bread devotees.  More about our adventure later in the week.  Needless to say we are both filled to the brim with ideas and good intentions to develop our baking further.
April – I am so happy you are here.  Warmer climes, longer evenings, eating outdoors, trips to the beach, adventures, planting seeds – reaping the rewards… let the fun begin!

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  • Great post!! very informative.
    Thank you very much for such a lovely and informative post.

  • Just yesterday I was saying that it smelled like Spring and then thought about what that actually smelled like. I decided it was warm, moist soil – dirt! So I agree with the quote above!

  • Hobbs House bakery isn’t far from here. We’re big fans, especially of the rye sourdough. Delicious. I’m looking forward to seeing your post about them.

  • I can remember the distinct smell of dirt on me when I was a kid and knowing that it had been a good day. Today, I noticed that I had mud kitchen grub under my nails on the school run. Not such a great look, but it was fun:-) The thought of freshly baked bread has made my stomach rumble!

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