B&Q Easy grow bedding plants…

A few weeks ago B&Q got in touch regarding their revolutionary new growing method for their summer bedding plants.  Called EasyGrow.  EasyGrow uses tea bag technology.  The self contained little bags means the bedding plants were easy to use, Charlie just dug a small hole (using the tools from B&Q) and popped the little Marigold plant (tea bag root sack and all) into the soil. 
What I love about the new EasyGrow technology is that it’s kinder on the planet.  The new packaging is 100% recyclable and none of that polystyrene stuff which spreads all over the allotment in the past.  Easy to use and with it’s green credentials what is not to love!  Here is a little video clip about it.
Our little row of marigolds, down the side of our allotment not only brighten up the place, but they also make great companion plants.  Deterring aphids and black fly away from tender plants.  WIN!
Thank you B&Q, Charlie loved planting these.
For more information on EasyGrow please have a look at the B&Q website.
We were kindly sent the EasyGrown Marigolds to review – all words and views are my own.
  • Saw these featured on another blog and was really happy to see that a company that deals with lots of greenery is actually being “green”! The commercial plant industry is so full of waste and chemical, that this is a good small step.

  • These are so adorable! I cant wait to get me a garden so I can plant some of these cuties! x

  • What a great idea! Ideal for getting children into gardening. Surprised no one thought of it before.

    M x

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