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Four days!  I may not be into the whole jesus thing, sorry if you are but I’m not, but I do like having the four day weekend.  HURRAH!  Four days to play.
I am also not into the whole decorating for Easter either.  Nor eating masses of chocolate with our names on, nor blowing eggs or any of that saccharine sweet pink fluffy stuff that Easter seems to bring.  Yes, you can keep your bunny bunting, your endless pink ranunculus, striped straws, massive chocolate eggs, and, dare I say it, the over use of a succulent?…. is it me or has blogging become all a bit samey?
No thanks!
But that’s just me.  If you like it, then go for it, and do it to the max.  

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Me, well we like to dye our own eggs, hard boiled.  Attach them to blossom branches. Have a few egg boxes with mini eggs dotted around for the kids.  And if I remember I shall take a photo for you! 
I am also going to attempt to make some Hot Cross Buns for the #52loavesproject.  And also some more Wild Garlic Foccacia – friends and family have put their orders in.
On Easter Sunday we are having a feast at my parents with the rest of my brothers and family.  A simple gathering of nice food and laughter.
Whatever you are up to have a Happy Easter all…
p.s. apologies if I have offended anyone, but I am bored of the same old shit.

  • Omg, I’m shocked. I’m running off now to check what I’ve done & photographed……. Lol, :-)

  • I’m with you…I’m all for celebrating spring arriving…but not necessarily with all the pastel coloured froth that seems to come with it! I don’t much go in for the Jesus stuff either, but a few extra days off in the name of tradition is fine by me! xxx

  • Oooh hardass!
    When I was little we got given our easter eggs in the morning by my Mum, and then told off in the evening for not eating our roast dinner as we were full of chocolate. The same thing happened here today!
    Leanne xx

  • Ha ha ha, jeez Lou, don’t hold back now :) Love it.

    We’re doing the same… a massive feast with family and friends and maybe a bluebell walk on Easter Monday. What more do you need?!

  • Hahaha! That made me laugh! Feel exactly the same about pastel decor, bunnies, chicks and worst of all (to me anyway) bad crochet everywhere on blogs! I’ve done nothing this year. But I will admit to eating a lot of chocolate. X

  • I hear you on the same ol same ol, but I guess it depends where in blog land you hang out how much of it there is to see … most of my favourite bloggers are managing to be much more inventive than the norm – no eggs, no rabbits, no pink – or are just ignoring Easter altogether. Which is pretty much what I’m doing.

    Have a great long weekend, whatever you get up to x

  • I’m with you on this! I don’t do colored sprinkles or food coloring because of the chemicals, I don’t do paper and glittery crafts because I think it is a waste of resources, and I don’t understand why the Easter bunny is bringing eggs. Hello – can we talk about confusing my little babe?! She knows that our chickens lay the eggs! :)
    So I’m just a big Easter party pooper, though I did make some good all natural chocolate candy to take as prizes for the family Easter egg hunt. You can check them out on my blog post for today – there is some pastel colored fabric, but no glitter or succulents in sight! (Though that is the only plant I can have inside because my cats just destroy anything else.)

  • Have a chocolate, coffee filled, messy weekend. When you are allowed off the naughty step :) xxx

  • Have a chocolate, coffee filled, messy weekend…when you are allowed off the naughty step :) xxx

  • This is the kind of post my husband loves. When I am in the mood, I love getting caught up in celebrations and decor and craft. I repeat: when I am in the mood. But I’m not this year, so trying to at least do the basics so the kids don’t miss out. I met up with a few non-blogging friends who wouldn’t dream of decorating their homes for Easter and take on a bunch of crafts with the kids. They’ll do the basics, a nice family meal, egg hunt and chocolate exchange. They might even stretch it to making chocolate Easter nests, but they don’t need to go that extra (showy offy) mile and add the pressure that it will all need to look good for the blog. And you know what? Their kids are HAPPY. Sometimes I wish that I could always keep things simple myself and not get carried away. I just want everyone to be happy. But what’s an overuse of succulent?! I fear I do not want to know, I love them so. I may be the offender with this one as I prepare to divide and plant out my succulents as an Easter pressie for my mother-in-law as I couldn’t bring myself to buy another supermarket bouquet. Happy Easter!

  • I think we all still have different drums to march too ~ each our own creative endeavors to spice our life.
    Some feel comfy in like mindedness, and I admit i do enjoy some dwelling with like minds and it’s comforts.
    Yet diversity does tend to make life much more interesting .
    Your post was quite interesting .

  • it seems everything is a bit try-too-hard. so much is for show and little is from the heart

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