Go Wild Forest School…

The first week of the Easter holidays for Charlie was spent in the woods.  Lucky bean, attended our local Forest School – Go Wild Education.

Forest School was run over four days, in the woods of Ashton Court Estate, just outside Bristol. Charlie learnt how to den build, light fires, whittle sticks with knives, cook popcorn, apples and of course marshmallows.  Over the week he added to his den, covering the structure with glossy green leaves (to protect from the rain), adding a thick layer of soft moss to the floor to ‘sleep’ on.
Charlie loved the freedom that Forest School gave him.  Making new friends, learning new skills.  Each afternoon when I collected him, I was greeted with a beaming smile, telling me of his days spent running wild in the woods.  Hair smelling of woodsmoke and back pack full or bows and arrows.
If Charlie had his way, he would spend every school day like this.
For more information please contact Jackie Roby at Go Wild Education.  She is running Forest School courses in Ashton Court Estate during the school holidays.
  • Sounds brilliant. Kids love outside stuff and can’t see why we don’t indulge them more. Our boys now big teenagers love it when we meet up with other families and take a woody walk day. Elinor x

  • Its wonderful that he has the opportunity to experience that, especially so close to your home.

  • Brilliant, I’d love to go to a Forest School myself! Have a lovely Easter x

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