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It has rained pretty much all day.. the sun is trying to break through, but I fear that the rain is here to stay, for today.  When it rains, songs with ‘rain’ lyrics always pop into my head, on an unconscious loop, why is that?  ‘I’m only happy when it rains’ and ‘Here comes the rain again’.  I don’t listen to these songs at home – it’s like the rain jogs a memory or something.
Anyhow… mumbling on.
Tomorrow Dan is off to spoon carving workshop in the woods. (I hope it’s sunny for him).  The workshop is run by EJ Osborne of Hatchet + Bear – one of my sponsors.  Dan couldn’t be more excited!  Sitting in the woods all day carving wood.  He will be in his natural element.  I am looking forward to using the fruits of his days labour in the kitchen too.  If you fancy trying your hand a spoon carving, EJ is holding several more workshop dates, please check out her website.
Whilst Dan is in the woods tomorrow, the boys and I are going to the Project Wild Thing picnic, as part of the WILD SUMMER campaign.  A chance for us to try out some of the tools and toolkits that Project Wild Thing have created.  It looks like a fun day.
On Sunday I’m off to Exeter to meet up with some chums.  Looking forward to a day mooching around the shops and drinking nice coffee.
So that’s us, whatever you are up to this weekend, have a lovely one!
  • Sounds like a lovely weekend. Have just been looking up the course Dan is doing looks just up my husbands street. Exeter is a lovely place – we spent Easter weekend there as my Mother in law lives there. Have a lovely weekend. Morag x

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