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Whilst on holiday I always love to visit a garden, or three!  A chance to surround ourselves in beautiful nature and a welcome break from the beach (for me anyway).  We usually pour over the National Trust handbook before leaving, looking for interesting properties close to where are staying.  As we’ve been holidaying Cornwall for a couple of years now, we’ve visited most of NT Gardens, so I searched for something a little different, and discovered Enys.
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Lured with the promise of a ‘Bluebell Festival‘ we headed towards Falmouth.  Enys Garden is only open to the public at certain times of the year, this weekend was to celebrate the bluebells. Upon arrival we were told that the bells were only 86% out, how could they be so specific?!
Walking down to the meadow we were hit by sea of blue, as far as the eye could see.  Such a spectacular sight.  The route took us round the meadow, seeing the field from all angles. I have never seen such a mass of bluebells in one place. I just wanted to run through it, ‘Little House on the Prairie’ style.
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Enys Garden is like stepping back in time. Over grown tunnels through rhododendron bushes lead you on to secret gates and walled gardens.  Colour is rife, masses of fluffy pinks and yellows, with large species of unusual trees like Ginko.  It’s a real plantsmans delight.
The boys loved running ahead, getting lost and calling out to each other.  Interesting carvings covered the walls and gate posts.  Reminding me of books I’ve read as a child, very Enid Blyton.  In the cafe garden, music from the 1940’s played and Union Flag bunting, draped the walls.  The staff dressed up from that era, it was pretty special.  Sitting there eating a cream tea in such beautiful surroundings.
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Our favourite part of the garden, was the lake.  Covered in a film of bright green pond weed, and snaked with a series of lines where a fish had swam through.  Silver stemmed flowers covered the banks and large gunnera’s gave it a ‘forgotten’ feeling. We spent hours there, observing the wildlife, listening to the muffled sound of the forest around us.
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If you are in the Falmouth area, look up Enys Garden to see if they are open… it’s well worth the visit.

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