Crimson fields….

Sometimes you just have to stop the car.  Pull over, jump the gate and go play in a field of poppies.  Charlie didn’t want to leave, nor did I.  Neither of us had seen poppies on such a scale… such a sea of red.  Beautiful, breathtaking and memory making.  Heavenly!
  • Beautiful, I love seeing a field full of colour popping out against all the greens! Glad you stopped to enjoy it.

  • Fantastic. About a month ago we were traveling in North Carolina and in the middle of the highways there were large areas planted with wildflowers, mainly red poppies. The natural beauty was so unexpected in a situation like that, with tractor trailers blowing by at 80 mph.

  • It must be poppy season in the UK, Cari-Jane at Hybrid Handmade had a few beautiful poppy shots last week. So lovely. x

  • Gorgeous. That first shot is so rich. I am sad that I haven’t seen one of these fields near us yet, even when out on the bike. But at least we have some to enjoy in our own garden.

  • WOW! That looks amazing… I passed a field with loads of blue cornflowers in today; so should have stopped!

  • How gorgeous! What a pop of colour especially against the dramatic skies in the first shot. I would’ve pulled over too.

  • What a beautiful sight! Thank you for sharing this with us. xx

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