Home Inspiration – Botanical wallpapers…

image via Pinterest
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Image via Pinterest
The trend for botanical everything has been around for a while now, and I still really love it, in particular wallpaper. I have seen stairways, cloakrooms, bedrooms and dining spaces all decorated with pages of botanical images or of birds, fish and even insects.
At the top of my stairs there is a small landing before you step up into the boys bedroom to the right and the main landing and other rooms to the left.  There is a narrow wall facing down the stairs, which I am thinking of wallpapering.
Initially I was going to use botanical flower images, pages from an old book I thrifted years ago. But as it’s right outside the boys door, I realised that perhaps pictures of daisies and buttercups might not be their thing!

I spotted this image by the insanely talented Kirsten Rickertt – those ferns are amazing!  After a bit of research, I discovered it is wallpaper by Sanderson, Woodland Fern.  So… instead of paying that price for wallpaper, I thought – hey! why don’t I use botanical fern images from a book?!  
So, if you follow me on Instagram you will have noticed my ‘playing’ around with this idea. And from the comments from everyone it seems that you are compelling me to do it…. watch this space! Exciting.

I also love this little tutorial on the Free People blog – on how to make your own botanical paper.

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