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Image via Saarmanche
As I get older, the simpler I like my life.  My wardrobe is pared back to breton, and navy, jeans and sandals. I love to garden, wander the woods and beaches looking for natures treasure.  And my home is now starting to reflect this.
Gone are the bright colours that once were (although my front door is still painted bright yellow, time for a change soon).  Instead I am loving muted shades, natural wood, greys, white, blues.  A neutral backdrop to allow the beauty of objects shine.
I love this image above.  It’s by Saar Manche a mother, illustrator and blogger from The Netherlands.  I’ve been following her gorgeous Instagram feed for a while now and saw this image above and swooned.
That light!  OMG that light!  The old mirror, the simple floral arrangement, the fireplace and the small art work – had me in love at first sight.

Oh to sit there looking up the garden in that sunlight…. heaven!


  • Hello, stumbled across your fab blog. I love this room. Simplistic style with rustic a touch, nothing too fussy, fresh white walls, with natural elements which are warm and inviting. A charming space :O)

  • Ooo thanks for highlighting a great IG person to follow. I do love a bit of IG, that and Pinterest! Elinor x

  • I love the garden and I agree with the pared down colours. I like my accessories to scream not my walls!

  • I feel the same way. I don’t think I could live with lots of color and cluttery things anymore. It’s funny how we tend to move towards that feeling as we get older. it’s such a freeing feeling to live with few things and to be content with flowers and a candle or two.

    I just found your blog yesterday….I love it here. I’m happy to have found you. :)

  • What a lovely desk area with fanastic light. It would be such a lovely place to work. Thanks for sharing. x

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