#natureinthehome – Collection 6…

Well, the sweetpeas are certainly making an appearance! Hooray!  They really are one of the best cut flowers, so much can be cut from one plant.  
As it’s nearly summer holidays, and possibly the chance of some beach weather, I had to show you @beachutcook display of shells.  She even gives us a little tip on how to get rid of that ‘seaside’ smell – use baby bottle cleaning fluid!  Thanks hun, great tip!  I love driftwood, but hate that smell of dead fish.

Thanks again for joining me, it really does give me such joy going thought the hashtag #natureinthehome on IG.  I am sorry I can’t show everyone’s work, I have limited it to 8 per week, but I shall get round to showing you all eventually!

Oh and did you all see my first post on my new monthly column over on Seeds & Stitches blog – all about Soulful flower arranging – go have a little look :)

See you next week!

  • Aw thanks Lou. Yes, the sterilising fluid tip was given to us after having complained to fellow sailors at local sailing club about sailing shoes getting rather honky and this is what they do. Top tip also if you get seawater in your wellies after a day out to the sea with kids. Elinor x

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