Seasonal Rituals / Summer – Strawberry Picking

On the weekend of Solstice and the first days of Summer, we spent a sunny morning  picking strawberries at our local PYO farm.  Just as we have done every year since Charlie was a toddler.  It is part of our family summer rituals and something I insist we always do.
In the past we have always taken someone with us, my mum, Dan, friends and this year one of our good family friend and her two year old daughter Mei. As Mei sat there in the middle of the strawberry patch, stuffing warm juicy berries into her mouth, with the juice running down her, it reminded me of years past, and my own sons doing the very same.
We managed to pick about 2 kilos worth of strawberries in the end.  I’ve already made strawberry ice-cream, strawberry meringues & cream, and have frozen the rest for Strawberry jam making later in the summer.  I shall post the ice-cream recipe later in the week.
You can read our past strawberry picking visits here:

2010 / 2011 / 2012 / 2013

Look at the boys – my babies have grown!

  • love these photos, Lou and adore your basket. Strawberries and Wimbledon go hand-in-hand, don’t they? x

  • We strawberry pick every year too – it is a perfect summer thing to do. Love your header – did it just change or am I being horribly slow?

  • Ha! Love the way your shoes co-ordinate with the strawberries, what a great day out. Antonia x

    • Naomi, you spy correctly! I was looking a bit farmerish! My friend said I looked like a ‘red neck’. I replied how can I? I am wearing a lace top! Seriously, what am I like! The dungarees were a lovely gift from the very kind and lovely Sharon at Modflowers x

  • Looks lovely, I went Strawberry picking once and wore open shoes..I cut my toe on a piece of metal in the ground and had to have a tetnus shot and ended up sick as a dog from the shot lol. But I’m keen to go again when Summer comes here, nothing better than fresh strawberries :)

    well maybe strawberry ice cream ;)

  • This week I’ve picked fresh strawberries from our garden, there’s nothing like strawberries to capture summer, a great family tradition! :) x

  • Fresh picked strawberries taste so different from shop-bought! What a lovely treat X

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