Home Inspiration – Ceramics (again)…

I love ceramics!  I think I must actually go and have some lessons, take a course in ceramics, because this love will not fade.  Whether I would be good at, is another matter, but I am sure whatever mis-shapen object emerges I shall love the process and love the wobbly mess forever more!
The above 3 images are what I am loving right now.  That platter with the bird is just awesome, the colour reminds me of Japanese shibori print, perhaps it is Japanese in origin.  I love it so.
The planter is perfect! My little Merlin the Pilea is now huge, and his/her babies are big too.  I must give them away to friends, otherwise I will become a crazy Pilea hoarder.  Wouldn’t Merlin look so good in that planter!
And finally, this beautiful cat bowl by the uber talented Leah Goren.  Sadly sold, otherwise it would be mine.  Her shop has so many good things… I can’t choose!
Do you love ceramics?  If not, what floats your boat, makes you giddy with delight?  Is it cushions, lighting?  What is your interiors fix?

All images via my ceramics board on pinterest.

  • I once did a pottery evening class with my mum, it was at our local further education college – we went each wednesday night for about ten weeks. It was great fun, and all that thudding of clay was great for stress relief! Also there was such a wide cross section of people doing it too – from gcse and a level students to retirees and everyone in-between! I definitely recommend it – you end up with a great selection of wonky pots and I still have the piggy bank we made one week somewhere.

  • Lovely things indeed – I particularly like the bird platter – when drawn to something strongly – buy it I say! (if we can afford it that is) wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to make something this beautiful though. I have a friend with a little shop who does potter paitning and/or parties for you to have a go too – maybe you have one near you that you could take your idea to.

  • I hope you don’t mind but I’ve popped a link to your blog on my post today! Lovely ceramics! :) x

  • Crockery does it for me, every time, with kitchen paraphernalia coming in a close second!

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