July…it’s feeling magic already…

Someday’s I wake up and feel nothing. Just another day. But today I woke, the muffled sound of the morning outside, Tuesday, being played out. The soft watery sunshine falling on my pillow in a certain way, lighting up the bedroom. Lingering in bed just a little too long, making us late….  Hanging the washing on the line, I look up and see high in the sky a string of orange balloons being carried by the gentle summer breeze.
Good things will happen this month, I can certainly feel it.  This morning I shall celebrate my birthday (a little early) with a dear friend, a dip in the pool at the Lido, followed by lunch. A pleasure, a treat, I can’t wait to feel that cool water slip over my shoulders… bliss.
The boys have 3 weeks left at school… 3 weeks until our summer adventuring begins. And oh my, we are so ready.  We have many festivals, camping trips planned.  Plus my parents are moving into a new home, a very old, dilapidated home, which we shall enjoy making new. A new town to discover, a huge garden to play in and rooms to explore.
Yes, July, you already feel like magic.
  • Exciting news about your parents house – can’t wait to read all about it. And such a great idea about the swim – this month is gonna be MAGIC, you’re right!

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