#natureinthehome – collection 8…






So we are here again – Wednesday – and another weekly look at the #natureinthehome submissions.  Did you know that there are now over 750 images on Instagram under that hashtag!  750! And this is only week 8!  Two months.  I am overwhelmed, amazed and full of gratitude.  It is incredible no?
This week I chose images that were, bright, beautiful, colourful and natural. This could be the arrangement, the materials used or the quality of the image.  (some of the submissions on IG are stunning, but sadly the quality of the photo is poor (grainy) which makes it difficult to enlarge and have up there on the blog.  I would love to feature everyone at some point, so please try to shoot your images in a good light source, to prevent grainyness. (made that word up, I know!).
OK – lecture over!  It’s JULY!  Time for deep rich reds, oranges, grasses, seed heads, shells from beach holidays, pebbles decorated… over to you!  Have a lovely week.

  • I love the meadow grasses and the stone pebbles in the rustic wood bowl – perfect

  • These are so lovely. Beautiful flowers and I love the grasses and pebbles too, such lovely natural colours. Sometimes if you’re processing in apps the quality can be reduced – it’s a good idea to check they’re on max resolution which might help a bit too. :)

  • Beautiful! I missed out this week… (mainly as I’m still just harvesting sweet peas… couldn’t bare the cut the agapanthus)!

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