The Good Life Experience Festival – ticket giveaway…

You know me. I like nothing more than being outdoors, cooking over an open fire, or being at a festival.  So you can imagine my joy when I discovered The Good Life Experience Festival.
Here is a little about it…
The Good Life will be a festival like no other. It is created by Cerys Matthews and Charlie and Caroline Gladstone who have put together a day of the very best Culture, Food and the Great Outdoors. This will be a voyage of fun and discovery for the whole family.
Watch Cerys perform…learn to throw an axe or fire an arrow…cook on a campfire with Tom Herbert of The Fabulous Baker Brothers…abseil…learn how to cook with Bill Granger…eat some spectacular British food…learn how to make sausages or skin a rabbit…discover your new favourite beer…dance to Paprika….take time out with some yoga…learn bushcraft. This and loads more is The Good Life Experience. Welcome!

Set on the stunning Hawarden Estate, with a fantastic line up of music and culture (curated by Cerys Matthews), food, demo’s and activities there is something for everyone.  More info please have a look at their website.
Dan and I are so completely over excited.  A festival that is completely designed for the both of us… our mate EJ Osborne (Hatchet + Bear) will be running a spoon carving workshop.  As will our #52loavesproject bread master Tom Herbert (Fabulous Baker Brothers).  It will be great to catch up with them and meet some new faces and learn some new skills too.
The Good Life Experience has kindly donated two adult tickets to the event to be given away to Littlegreenshed readers… YAY!  All you have to do is fill in the rafflecopter below… the giveaway will run for a week, with the winner to be announced next Tuesday 
And that’s not all.  The Good Life Experience has also kindly offered Littlegreenshed followers a 15% discount on all tickets for this week too – using the code IMWITHTHEBAND.  You can buy your tickets here.
See you there!

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  • Great looking festival. The good life is being with my boys, enjoying each others company and appreciating the simple things in life.

  • It looks amazing. Thank you for a chance to win tickets. Our good life is all about seizing opportunities and making the most of our beautiful surroundings, here in Cornwall.

  • This looks right up my street! My idea of the good life is being outdoors and living through the seasons, in what I eat, what activities I do and what books I read.

  • Your photography is absolutely beautiful. My idea of the good life is exactly the same as your first photograph, taking my dogs on a long walk somewhere breathtaking.

    A Hundred Miles Home

  • The festival looks amazing! My definition of the ‘Good Life’ is time to enjoy the outdoors and nature with my lovely family! x

  • This looks like a great festival. I feel like we’re living the good life every time we go camping – there is nothing better than spending all that time outdoors. Xx

  • Great competition! This festival sounds amazing. My idea of the good life is slowing right down to take in and enjoy the simple things; a good cup of coffee, my favourite songs, sunshine, a page turner of a book, and long summer evenings spent with friends and family.

  • My definition of the good life would be to live somewhere near the sea and woods, in an eco friendly house, with my boyfriend and some fluffy kitties. I’d have a big piece of land which I could grow vegetables on and keep chickens and ducks and goats, and I’d draw and make things and garden and spend time outside every day.

  • Ooh I’ve already been admiring this festival and would love to go. my good life is camping under the stars, listening to a guitar play around the campfire, kids running around wild and free, something tasty and alcoholic in my hand and my husband to cuddle up with.

  • awesome giveaway! my definition of ‘the good life’: being outdoors, staying unplugged, taking a full breath, and being happy for no specific reason’

  • To be happy, content, comfortable. The Good Life for me would be similar to that of The Good Life of tv, but whatever seems right and feels right to make you happy in the present is the good life, definately.

  • Fab competition! My definition of “the good life” would be a life of amazing food, cider, swimming in the sea and non stop giggling from my little man xx

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