Wearing – Ace & Jig…

All images via Pinterest on my Wear board
This time of year, when it’s hot and humid, I just want to throw on something, cool, loose, floaty and stylish.  I want something from Ace & Jig!
Ace & Jig are the talented duo Cary Vaughan and JennaWilson who are based in Brooklyn, New York. The pair met more than ten years ago as fashion design interns and instantly bonded over their shared loved of antique textiles.  After Cary gave birth to daughter Alice and Jenna had her son James, they felt the time had come to collaborate again. And so, ace&jig was born.
I adore the clothes, I wish I could afford them!  Delcious sorbet colours, light cheese cloth fabric, reminds me of sun drenched surf beaches, layers of hippy jewellery, and leather thong sandals… ah travelling days.
Go check out their shop!

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