A bit of a trumpet blow…

Yes, I’m blowing my own trumpet!  Sorry guys, click away if you like.  But, I just want to let you know of somethings I’ve been up to.
Firstly – Lionheart Magazine.  Issue 5 is on sale now, and I have two pieces in there.  First up a little something I wrote about cooking outdoors and with a just a few essentials and key ingredients, anywhere can feel like home.  I also contributed to a piece about our favourite spots in our own home, alongside some other of the magazines contributors.  Lionheart Magazine is a true treasure, a wonderfully independent magazine with a ROAR in it’s heart.  If you can’t get a copy locally to you, can buy it on-line here.
Secondly – I’ve been approached by the Telegraph Newspaper to write for their family travel section.  Oh yes!  I have been fortunate to review a glamping site back in May and more recently Starry Skies festival.  The glamping review of Dome Garden appeared in the Saturday paper, but can also be read in full on-line here.  The Starry Skies review over is over here.
So that’s it. Consider trumpet fully blown!

  • Lionheart magazine looks great, have to get reading! Congratulations, all very exciting news! :)

  • Nothing wrong with blowing your own trumpet, well deserve it Lou! I love your writing style, what you share, your beautiful family and your close to nature heart. Congratulations, I will check the magazine, it looks amazing xx

  • Lou it’s so fabulous, you truly deserve it. You’re a lovely writer. Off to read the starry skies one now. Trumpet away! x

  • Congratulations! How exciting! Wonderful, and well deserved. Blow Trumpet a Blow! X

  • Oh congratulations. I can imagine how happy and proud you must feel seeing your very own work in such publications. Enjoy. x

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