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August – how have you arrived so soon?!  How???

August to me, are days spent soaking up these last weeks of Summer.  Securing memories of sun drenched meadows, leafy trees, wild swimming and eating ice-cream to see us through the depths of January.  I think I will start a hashtag over on Instagram called #forjanuary so I can remember these beautiful carefree days, when I’m feeling all blue.

In August the wild flowers slowly die back and are replaced by tall bleached grasses filling the verges and meadows.  Berries are ripening and soon we shall be picking blackberries for jams and crumbles.  Outside huge cloud stacks loom high on the horizon and farmers in their combines, work hard to bring in the harvest of hay and straw… August is a busy time for some… but for us, we take pleasure in being slow, using these days as a family… adventuring and playing.

This month we are still festivaling with our trip to Camp Bestival and in a few weeks Just So.  Also our annual visit to Giffords Circus.. so much excitement to be had.

I must admit we are a little on the tired side… Rufus especially.  So this week, we are planning slow days, pottering, walks in the woods and building dens.

Have a lovely August all.

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