Camp Bestival 2014 – crafting…

camp Bestival 2014
We could have spent every second of our time at Camp Bestival crafting.  Really we could.  On Friday morning, early, parents rush across to the main site areas and stand in queues to book their children on to places.  Yes, they really do.  And yes, we did – (Dan did).
circus boy
Dan booked the boys onto, Charlie – woodcrafting a pirate ship and Rufus – letter press printing. Both of these we paid extra for, but the majority of craft is free.  The boys had SO much fun, trying something new and learning a new skill.  We are so pleased with their efforts that the boat and print sit pride of place now in their bedroom.

Each day at the festival, we set forth to find new crafting opportunities.  Clay model making, puppetry, pom poms, screen printing, lino relief painting, crafting a little big top, bug houses, circus hoops, the list goes on.  Each evening, we filled and decorated our van and gazebo with our creations.

We love to craft at a festival, it allows a sense of place among the hubbub and loud commotion of it all.  A moment of calm and concentration.  Plus we get to try out new skills, which we can turn into future hobbies back at home.

The boys were hooked on the clay models – and since returning we have bought our own air drying clay and made some pinch pots for baby succulent plants.  Meet Yellow Cat, Greta (yes I made her) and Tim!


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Early bird tickets are on sale now.

Camp Bestival kindly donated us a family press pass to the festival – as part of their festival blogger programme.

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