Camp Bestival 2014 – Project Wild Thing…, Project Wild Thing
This year, the Dingley Dell (the wooded area of the festival site at Camp Bestival) was taken over by Project Wild Thing and the National Trust.  Encouraging families to get outside and enjoy being outdoors.
We couldn’t wait to see how they had transformed the woods, and were not disappointed.  We first entered the cooling canopy on a particularly sweltering afternoon, the woods giving us shelter and solace from the noise and the hot sun.
clay faces climb a tree den
The National Trust had set up activities for children to do, which is part of their 50 things to do before you are 11 3/4. We walked over logs, walked barefoot through the forest, was led blind folded through the trees.  Built dens, climbed trees.  It was cool and epic!
woods log ru toadstool
The boys (and Charlie’s friend Pheobe) built a beautiful den, made clay faces, wove willow into flowers and leaves, made bug houses, wrote wishes on leaves…. and so much more.
They both agreed that the Project Wild Thing woods was the best part of the festival – now what does that say about my kids?!

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Camp Bestival kindly donated us a family press pass to the festival – as part of their festival blogger programme.