Feeding the birds…

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Summer is slowly slipping by, and as I dread the return of Winter I am looking forward to Autumn, my favourite season.  A chance to take long walks through the woodlands, smell the earth and crunch leaves under foot.  With a Summer like we have just had, I am sure we are due a terribly cold Winter.
Now is the time to think about putting out bird feeders to feed your local feathered friends throughout the dark months.  Giving the birds a chance to discover the source of food so they know where to go when they need it.  We love to make our own feeders, half an orange skin, filled with animal fat and bird seeds hung up in the tree.  The boys get extremely competitive, marking off the birds that visit their own home made feeder.  
At the allotment we have many varieties of feeders, catering for different types of birds.  Fat balls, peanuts and nigella seeds are firm favourites with British native species.  This weekend we will be giving our feeders a good clean, and replacing any broken ones ready for the Winter months.  
How do you feed the birds?  Do you have any tips?
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  • Just a quick note to say we also feed the birds in our garden and they are so lovely to watch. We also try to remember to put water out for them too, and check it hasn’t frozen over. Best wishes Sally

  • I always feed the birds in the winter but didn’t’t think to do it in Autumn, thank you for a timely reminder X

  • Hi Lou this post has got me all excited. I love Autumn and feeding the birds. I love going for walks too :) there’s nothing like wrapping up warm and stopping off at a country pub on the way :D This image is absolutely beautiful! Thanks for sharing. Kaz x

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