Wearing – Toast AW 14…

Long time readers of Littlegreenshed will know how much I love Toast.  The clothes, the homewares, the photography et al.
This seasons lookbook has just been launched and as usual I have swooned over every page.  But nothing gets me like this leather jacket.  Oh my goodness, it’s gorgeous.  I want it real bad.
I haven’t owned a leather jacket since the 1980’s.  18 years old, wearing a cropped (yes cropped) biker jacket around town.  I loved it, felt cool, channeling Neneh Cherry (buffalo stance).  Oh yes, I rocked that jacket.  But like all teenagers, as soon as it was ‘out’ it was gone.  Never to wear one again.
Until now… hopefully!
  • Have you ever thought about visiting llandeilo. I’m moving there soon…I can show you some treasures, but they’re not hard to find! P.s. I had the denim jacket a la Claire Danes in my so-called life!

  • me too lou! only it was craggy and oversized, more withnail and i than nenah cherry. i used to wear it over a vest and ripped jeans. jesus. let’s hope there are no pictures out there! x

  • Love it. I never had a leather jacket (and only have a plastic imitation one now) but it is a very versatile coat to dress up or dress down!

  • Gorgeous! How well I remember short biker jackets, and tight white jeans of course….

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