A modern way to eat…

About 3 weeks ago I watched a programme on TV – Horizon.  A documentary about the health and environmental benefits to eating less meat – especially red & processed meat.  After watching it, Dan and I decided to eliminate meat from our daily diet (with exception to a Roast Chicken we shall still enjoy as a family).
So that’s it, a veggie of sorts, but how do I find good, delicious, inspiring meals that will replace my usual meat based dishes.  So I asked fellow veggies Jen and Lia what they used, and they both recommended this book – ‘A modern way to eat’ by Anna Jones.  They were not wrong.  It is THE best recipe book I have ever read.
The style of book makes it easy to use, Anna suggests recipes for different types of meals, from breakfasts to dinner with friends, all written in a friendly way, with ideas on how to make the recipes your own.  There are also pages colour coded in green, on how you can go it alone and make beautiful dishes using key ingredients.
It has been three weeks since I have eaten meat (Dan has joined the boys with Spag Bol and Chicken goujons) but me – I am a fully fledged veggie.  Anna’s book has made that happen, I have enjoyed eating Kale with tahini dressing, Lemony Lentil soup, Oat & banana pancakes and so on.  And I am pleased to say that I don’t miss meat.
If you are wishing to try some vegetarian recipes, change your diet or looking for some inspiration in the kitchen, then this is the book for you.
  • This looks like a wonderful book. I saw the Michael Moseley doc too…quite an eye-opener, wasn’t it? It has really made me re-think what my family is eating. Anna Jones’ recipes sound great, especially the pancakes!

  • I love Anna’s book as well. I’m not completely vegetarian but we limit meat to once a week and then just eat chicken. I chose to eat like this for health reasons but the little ones have meat more often. The Horizon programme was really interesting and confirmed that we are happier and healthier eating little or no meat. Good luck with your new food adventure. Bee xx

  • Ahh, so glad you are enjoying your meat free adventure. The book is astonishingly good, one of the best I’ve ever read and one that I truly want to cook every recipe from. We have been loving the walnut and marjoram pesto with raddichio and have had that a couple of times now. And I can really recommend the artichoke and fennel seed paella – god it’s good! x

  • I’m really pleased you like it and 100% agree it’s the best recipe book i’ve owned. The cloud pancakes went down a storm here the other night, all three children were literally begging for more when the mixture was all gone!! Chris and I had the smoked tofu sandwich over the weekend which was delicious! x

  • You’ve convinced me to buy this… I’m always looking for new veggie meal options – and if Lia recommended it too then it’s got to be good!

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