Autumn Equinox….

So the earth has turned, we have entered Autumn… here there is a bright golden day to signify the change.  I love Autumn, it’s mellow musty smell, the abundance of harvests, orange pumpkins, kids scurrying for fallen conkers.  The colour of the hedgerows, slowly, slowly turning through all the shades of rust until they fall in a heap. Lying there waiting to be kicked and thrown by laughing kids.
Autumn, a chance to build big bonfires, to celebrate the darker nights.  Toast marshmallows, sing songs and light candles.  Our wood burning stove will have a good clean out this month, in preparation for Winter.  I cannot wait to have it lit, it fills me with such excitement.  As does gathering of wood.  Loading bags of freshly chopped wood into the car.
In these colder days, we spend a lot of time out, I prefer Autumn to wander the woods, smelling the richness of damp leaves. Spotting mushrooms, picking cob nuts.  On days like those we wear big woolly knits, fingerless gloves and a beanie hat.  Taking a basket of warming goodies to have a woodland picnic.  A flask of hot chocolate.  Popcorn. Squares of good chocolate and homemade flapjacks.  mmmm
Yes Autumn – hi there. Welcome once again.
  • I love autumn! I live in Barcelona so don’t get a proper autumn here, but luckily I just got to visit London and feel the chill in the air and find my first conker! Lovely.

  • I feel like it is Autumn everywhere else other than where I live in Suffolk. I feel quite desperate for it to arrive in it’s entirety so we can enjoy it more here too :-) x

  • We lit the wood burner for the first time last Sunday (we had a visitor over so used that as an excuse). I’m sad the days are getting shorter but I do love coming in from an afternoon walk to a log fire
    Miss Tulip x
    The Thrifty Magpies Nest

  • Oh I agree! It’s my favourite season too and I think I’d rather wander the woods and hedgerows in autumn than any other season. Lovely selection of pins, too. x

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