Farrow & Ball Wallpapers 2014…

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I am recently becoming a wallpaper convert.  I’ve always thought of it as a bit naff and waaay to fussy for my liking. But, just lately I’ve had a hankering after the floral cabin of Elisabeth Dunker, that woman is so cool.  I need some floral frill in my world (being in a house of trousers!).
The latest wallpaper offerings from Farrow & Ball are divine!  I adore the colours, the patterns aren’t too fussy, I can still have my floral wallpaper fix without annoying the rest of my household.  And what do you think about the styling, isn’t it just perfect?
My favourite out of the collection has to be Shouchikubai – meaning apricot, bamboo and pine, all plants associated with celebration. It has a very Oriental feel, featuring flowers, bamboo and trees in distinctively Japanese hexagonal frames.  In fact all of the collection has a Japanese feel to it.
So which is your favourite?  Do you love wallpaper?  Or is it too fussy?
All images via the Farrow & Ball website.



  • I used to think like you, that wallpaper is to fussy and creates awful b&b feeling. But I moved to the other side now and am a proud owner of two wallpapered rooms :) one all trees, the other all pink flowers… and I love both!
    Japan inspired F&B collection is fabulous! My fav is Amime, closely followed by Aranami :)

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