Preparing the home for Winter…

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We all know the tradition of a good ‘spring clean’.  Clearing the decks, throwing open the windows and blowing away the dust and cobwebs of Winter.
I feel like in need to do this every 6 months.  Have a good deep clean, remove clutter and re-assess our living spaces.  Perhaps repaint walls or furniture, cull books, change furnishings and have a good old tidy.
Autumn is a great time to do this.  I love to prep the home for the Winter months.  Today I have started with the lounge.  A deep vacuum, the floors, rugs and sofa. Wiping down of the surfaces, skirting boards and window using a natural solution of vinegar and water, preferring to use this instead of highly perfumed shop bought cleaning products.
I have decided to follow the lead of Sara Emslie, and have only a few favourite things on display and keeping the colours to a simple muted palette.  Our curios cabinet is being spruced up with a lick of paint (more on that later).  I have placed on the shelves a few of our recently vintage finds, and of course some of my beloved natural objects (nature in the home, always!).  
Piles of logs have been stacked in the basket close the the wood burner, I feel that the cold days are just around the corner.  Books are being sorted and only our most loved are being kept, the rest sent to charity.  It feels good to let go.
Our sofa is old, and sadly we are unable to replace it at the moment, so I shall cover it with throws and sheepskins to cosy the space up for the colder months.
Good lighting during the Winter gloom is a necessity.  I have a box of candles placed on the shelf in an easy to reach spot.  I also have my eye on this lamp for the corner of the lounge over our arm chair.  Plus, when it get’s closer to Christmas, my fairy lights will come out, and probably stay until March.
How do you prepare for Winter?  I’d love to know.
Winter home style

  • I prepare similarly to you Lou but without the deep clean so now I’m feeling slovenly!!
    I am going to have a clear out this weekend though, its lovely to refresh with the seasons :-). Xx

  • I too like to change my surroundings a bit in preparation of winter, I bring out white rugs (as we aren’t keeping the doors open or trooping through the house so much in Winter they just about stay white!) and change the cushion covers to reds, I have a stash of coffee and chocolage scented candles bought in the Summer and stashed so we always have candles lit at weekends, brass and copper trays and plant stands get a polish with Brasso and finally my citrus trees come indoors before the frosts. Isn’t it lovely to cosy the home up at this time of year.

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