Sidetracked magazine…

During my 20’s I travelled for five years, visiting many beautiful countries, meeting many interesting people.  I travelled for so long, hoping to rid myself of my wanderlust, but alas, I fear this only made it more ingrained.
Dan is a man of the mountains, it’s part of him.  I suppose spending his Uni days in deep Wales does that to someone… soaring hills and large wooded expanses.  We both love adventure.  And long for it. 
Nowadays, with two boys, a house, and job, we can’t just gather up our bags and head off to the great open road like we once did.  Instead we plan and take micro-adventures close to home. Saying that, I would love to one day take the boys to India or South East Asia.
Instead, we enjoy being inspired by stories of expeditions.  Recently, I discovered a beautiful magazine – Sidetracked – and immediately knew it was for us.  Awesome photography coupled with great articles written by intrepid explorers, thrill seekers and adventures nuts.  Volume 2 is a beaut! I particularly love the cover story, about the Tibetan nomads, of Chang Tang.  I have always wanted to visit Tibet. And the herdsman in Mongolia – the photography!
Dan and I have devoured this magazine, it’s beauty & the adventure – it has inspired us to plan trips and to get out there more.
Get inspired – go buy volume 1 and 2 in their shop.

  • We travelled too before the girls came along, I’ve a real wondering soul, I think if you’ve got one it doesn’t go! This sounds just the thing I love to dive into :) xxx

  • Ooh, I must check it out – seems like my sort of mag :) I’d love to see the Great Wall one day!

  • i, too, suffer from wanderlust….but there are places i want to visit….and other places that I’m happy to visit via armchair traveling!!! sounds like a perfect magazine for some of the more adventurous travels i just know i’d never do (but dream of doing!) thanks for the recommendation.

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