Styling the seasons – September…

A few months back Katy emailed me about her exciting new project she is launching with Charlotte of Lotts & Lots.  It’s called Styling the Seasons, and as I have a huge love of all things natural and seasonal they thought I’d love to play too.  Well yes!  I would.

Starting with September, Katy & Charlotte have challenged us to reflect the change of seasons and in our own homes. We can choose any surface in our home (shelf, dining table, mantelpieces etc.) and style that surface to reflect the new month and what it means to us (relaxation, celebrations, family, nature). Then share our images by using the hashtag #StylingtheSeasons.

So of course, I chose my mantel and found & gathered items from nature.  To me September really straddles the seasons.  One foot still firmly planted in Summer while the other is just dipping it’s toe into Autumn.  I have tried to reflect this by using a mix of items.  Dried flower heads from blooms now faded, shells from beach holidays, pressed flowers from June meadows.  Feathers and a fox skull from recent walks, and the orange berries to signify the change to Autumn.

Yes, September, you still feel like summer to me… with a hint of Autumn.

Why not join in with #stylingtheseasons, you can do so at any point during September.  I shall be back for October.

p.s. – I have been NOMINATED!  In the Amara Interior blog awards.  OMG!  Thank you.  Voting is now open, if you feel like voting for me, please hop over here.  Thank you xx

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  • Hi Lou. Thank you so much for taking part in Styling the Seasons, you’re the perfect person to take on the challenge with your love of nature and talent for beautiful styling. I adore your mantelpiece and the way it constantly changes and features new collections at different times of year. This collection is lovely and delicate, yet the bold Autumn colours are already creeping in. I hope September is a great month for you x

  • I do love a dried hydrangea head… and I keep wandering the moors in the vain hope of finding a sheep’s skull I can scrub up, draw and display.
    Our new (rented) house has no mantelpiece at all. You have no idea how much that upsets me! The next place will have a big one. Or, even better, two.
    Love your display – and those paintings are gorgeous.

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