In Clover Magazine – a review…

A few weeks ago I was lucky to receive a copy of the brand new magazine – In Clover.  It was love at first sight.  Slightly smaller than the average magazine, but oh does it pack a punch.  It is beautiful.  From cover to cover.

Let me tell you about their story…

In Clover is the brain child of Bryony, a Cornish fashion journalist student.  With a love of print, she decided to create her own magazine.  In Clover.  The idea came about after watching her mother bake, seeing how happy and absorbed she was, gaining pleasure from the process.  In Clover promotes offline pursuits and slow living in the form of art, food, culture and sustainable fashion.

As a person whose job it is to be online all the time, I relish the chance to switch off.  Go outside, walk in the woods, bake, craft… take life slow.  So the idea of a magazine that actively promotes this to me is wonderful.

Each article is thoughtfully written with astonishingly beautiful photographs by some very talented photographers.  I particularly loved the piece on Italian photographer, Massimo Vitali.  His images of bathers taken from a far are just incredible.  Using the whole landscape around him, each photograph has a very over exposed quality, you can almost feel the heat of the sun, and hear the sounds of the busy beach life.

From off-line getaways, interviews, foraging tips, recipes, fashion spreads, this magazine has something for everyone.

After reading it, I now want a tattoo by MISO, escape to the cabin in the woods, and forage for my candle lit supper.  In Clover magazine has done it’s job – now to turn off this computer!
If you’d like a copy of In Clover magazine then head over to their shop.
All images (except the top one) are by In Clover Magazine.

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