Seasonal Rituals – The fire…

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This weekend we lit our first fire of the season.  I love the ritual of making a fire, scrunching of the paper (or making twists), stacking the kindling on top in a tipi shape, then lighting the paper from below, watching the flame roar upwards.
We have a log burner in our lounge,  A little treat with some redundancy money I received from a job that I hated, many years ago. I love how our beautiful log burner brings us light and warmth in those dark days of Winter. The irony is not lost on me.
In half term, we shall take a trip to a local farm to stock up on bags of cut logs.  We’ve been going there for years.  The barn is something to be seen.  Oak framed and beautiful, stacked high to the rafters with beautifully seasoned fire wood.  Yes I am a wood geek!  I am obsessed with logs, fireplaces and the perfect fire.  Spending hours pinning such things on Pinterest.
So, that is it. The fire is on now, until Spring.  We prefer to heat our home in this way, I always seem to get a cold when the central heating is turned on. Does anyone else?
So, do you have a log burner or an open fire?
More inspiration on fireplaces can be found over on my Pinterest board…
  • Oooh to have a log burner again. When I lived in Cornwall many years ago, we had two log burners, a rather large one and a little cute one, both would warm the house to such an extent we would all be stripping off with rosy red cheeks. It was one of my favourite things to do, get the fire going and put my feet up. I was a fire lighting pro ;)
    We currently have a (not very attractive, but very retro looking) gas fire. We don’t light it because of our one year old. my dream is to have a log burner in our new house (which I am still looking for!).
    Enjoy those cosy evenings xx

  • There’s nothing like a real fire, indoors or out. We have a log burner and I love collecting wood as much as lighting it!!

    Your cable and cotton fairylights are FAB, I bought 3 sets of these for Christmas presents last year :-) :-) xx

  • I absolutely love fires, and when I am in front of one i am forever poking at it and amending it !!

    nothing like looking into the flickering flames of a live fire to warm the soul on a chilly night , or any night for that matter

    India |

  • After years of wishing and putting off for more mundane, but vital things we have finally got ourselves a wood burner. Now we’ve just got to work out whether we put a chimney breast and mantle in or not. The house is modern and doesn’t have an existing chimney but I think a space to hang a picture, and more importantly a mantle for cards and decoration is essential. What do you think? x

  • Sadly, we don’t have a real fire, I have a fake woodburner surrounded by baskets of driftwood, enamel cookware etc, and if you put on rose-tinted glasses you can judt about imagine the bright orange flames are real …

    I would love to have one, and enjoy the ritual of cleaning it out and building a new fire … nothing nicer than snuggling down with a good book, hot chocolate and a real fire when the weather is doing its very worst … enjoy! xxx

  • I am so jealous of a log burner, I’ve had a few homes with them and there’s nothing quite like the warmth from a fire. x

  • We have recently switched our rooms around, so now our open fire is in the dining room *sad face* It will be lovely to have Christmas lunch with it roaring, but I will miss it every other night through the winter :(

  • Oh yes, we have a log burner in our little sitting room and I love it when we are all stretched out on the sofas huddled together. When we had our chimneys reworked in the summer, my darling husband decided to have two further chimney’s lined! Do you really think we need two more log burners downstairs? Me neither but then I married a fire-maker x

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