Time to light up the dark with Cable & Cotton lights…

Dark, grey days need a little sparkle.  I love having a mix of lighting sources in the home. From floor lamps to candles, table lamps and of course fairy lights.
I adore my new set of Cable and Cotton lights… they are perfect.  Giving a warm happy glow to my living room corner – in fact it feels like I have the fire lit when they are on, such is the lovely light.
I chose the standard set called Glow.  A mix of neutral tones, grey, cream, taupe and white, that compliments the colour scheme in my lounge.  But there are many different colour-ways to choose from on their website.

At the moment, they are a jumble of glowing balls on the floor, lighting up a dark corner and my newly painted cabinet.  I may hang them up at some point, but I quite like them like this – informal and pretty.

*I was sent a set of cable and cotton lights to review. All views and opinions are my own – as always.  Thank you cable and cotton for such lovely lights. 

  • Alas not an option for me as they are not LEDs so the energy usage will be off the scale. Pity, as they are very pretty!

    I like your revamped book unit. Looking very smart in a non-chalant way ;-)

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