Upcycling furniture with Farrow & Ball…

finished 785

Two things that I love… 1. natural objects (nature in the home) & 2. Interiors. And so when I get to play with these two things, my heart skips a beat.
A few weeks ago Farrow & Ball contacted me with a little project. They challenged me to choose a paint colour (how could I choose?) and upcycle a piece of furniture with it. The project: to upcycle the curios cabinet in the lounge.

before  another 785The cabinet was bought last Spring from a local junk shop. I loved the mid-century shape, the glass doors and the fact it was a very slim unit, it could be placed quite happily anywhere in our home. We chose it to display all of our nature ‘treasures’ that the boys and I seem to gather weekly. You can see Charlie’s prized sheep skulls is on the top shelf!

closeup 2I was never happy with the colour. The brown just drained the room, and as the nights were becoming darker, the room seemed to drown in the brownness of it. I couldn’t wait to change it.
In the end I chose Farrow & Balls Stiff Key Eggshell Estate and their Dark Tones Undercoat. Now I’ve painted many pieces of furniture before and have not used their own brand of undercoat. Let me tell you, what a difference it made. Easy and stress free.

shells 785So one undercoat and two coats of Stiff Key later (using a foam roller for a smooth finish) here is the finished cabinet…..
I couldn’t be happier with the results. It lifts the room. The navy blue colour really shows off our treasure really well.
You will notice I’ve also had a little change around. Moved the books into the cabinet and ditched the 3rd shelf. The curios cabinet now has space to ‘breathe’. I still need to remove the brackets at some point, but they aren’t bothering me at the moment. On the shelves above I have placed some newly acquired ‘vintage’ finds, preferring the muted shades at the moment.
On the whole I am delighted with how the room now looks. I’m just waiting on a new rug to tie it all together…

this oneThe other side of the room – well, there is a tired old sofa in need of a recover, but that’s a whole other post! One day…
Thank you Farrow & Ball for challenging me to upcycle with such lovely paint. For more inspiration on upcycling furniture please have a look at the Farrow & Ball inspiration page.

  • Ooooh I really like the blue, it gives the room a real lift and brings the unit bang up to date. Painted furniture is a great way of creating a feature in a room without dominating the scheme. Also love the cluster of lights at the side :O)

  • It’s brilliant ! I love upcycling and F&B paint. I’m actually painting my front door with Down Pipe and can’t wait to share the results.

  • I am inspired – only used Annie Sloan before for an old chest. The Farrow and Ball colours are gorgeous. Its also nice to see someone else collects sheep skulls etc!

  • Gorgeous colour! It really shows off your little treasures. I’ve always wanted to try Farrow and Ball paints.

  • Looks beautiful Lou! Using their paint and undercoat is an eyeopener. It’s so darned good and I’ll never buy another brand again. Stiffkey is a gorgeous colour too. X

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