christmas decorations 2014

christmas decorations 2014

Gosh I’ve already started to think about Christmas in a big way. Planning the advent calendar, what to give as gifts, and of course (the best bit for me) how to decorate the home over the festive season.

Each year I allow myself to buy one new thing, something of an heirloom piece that I will never tire of and will be bought out each to add to our eclectic collection.

To my surprise I have fallen in love with so many decorations, especially the offerings from Anthropologie.  In particular that wall tapestry, perhaps a little out of my budget, but wow!!  Image in that on a moody dark wall, all sparkling like a snowy winters night.

I think probably I shall be buying the little snowy owl or that lion in his little jacket – so cute!

Tell me, do you buy new each year or do you add to your Christmas box like I do?

Details of all the items above:

  • We buy one new decoration each year that fits in with our red, gold & natural theme. My parents taught me (when I still lived at home) to buy something from a holiday / trip so that you have a memento that brings back good memories when you unpack the decorations each year.

    So we have decorations from Brussels, Canada, Africa, Wales, Portugal & various English counties – some bought by me & some by my parents on trips they have made.

    I love unpacking the box each year, adding the new decoration and remembering trips and places we have been. We have now started the same tradition with our boys, so that when they leave home they will have a few decorations to take with them and start building their own collection.

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