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Xmas Feast.  Littlegreenshed blog via Pinterest.
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This year it’s my first time hosting Christmas.  In past years my parents have had us over, we arrive on Christmas Eve, go to cribs service at our local church and then hunker down for the next few days, eating, playing with the kids and having family time.

This year it’s different.  My parents home is still very much a building site, so to eat there is out of the question.  So instead I am doing it here.  I must admit I am a little anxious about the whole affair.  Making sure that this special meal goes well – not to burn it!

As usual I am focussing on the decor, rather than the food.  It’s just a big roast dinner right? Big turkey, roasties, pigs in blankets and lots of veg… easy!?

I’ve been looking through recipe books, watching re-runs of Christmas Nigella episodes and come to the conclusion that whatever happens it will be fine.  I’m not worrying about it anymore.  What matters is we are all here, enjoying a glass of fizz and that’s enough for me.

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  • Good for you. I’m sure you’ll do just fine. I can’t wait to see all the fabulous pics if you get the time to take many! Happy Christmas to you and your family…xx

  • I’m sure it will all go swimmingly. If not ply them with lots of alcohol so they won’t notice! Just remember enjoy yourself as well. Happy Christmas x

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